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Like Verbena, I wore glasses and was pale and scrawny and slow to mature. And although I didn 't have to struggle with the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome, the way Verbena does, I did often feel embarrassed by my overprotective parents and perplexed by my friends. In As Simple as It Seems I wanted to capture these complicated feelings and explore them through a character who mistakes the normal rumblings of adolescence for something much darker. I wrote this book with my So B.

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It readers in mind, and I hope that they will find a new best friend in Verbena. Already a member? Click here to login.

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Keywords : resistance training, training load, performance enhancement, training monitoring, elite sports Important Note : All contributions to this Research Topic must be within the scope of the section and journal to which they are submitted, as defined in their mission statements. In my experience everything we do is predicated on one of two other things: greed and fear. Oh, sometimes they get mixed up, but mostly you can keep them separated. I tend to believe most people are actually fairly good at making a decision , but, I also believe most people actually suck at how they view the decision itself.

If that is true, well, all we have to do is work on how we think and view these better, make it better, and all the good decisions within us will just happen. But, and this is a big but, effective decision making resides in viewing the decision well. I am actually suggesting HOW you view a decision, not the decision difficulty itself, is the most important thing.

I am suggesting perspective may be the most important aspect of keeping yourself from decision sucking. We, in business, always want things to be really important and really big so that we can showcase our value in the decisions we made within these important and big decisions.

Levothyroxine prescription: not as simple as it seems.

This creates a variety of issues. We make the small decisions look big. This is bad because … well … businesses are rarely driven by any truly big decision but instead a massive quantity of smaller decisions. Most middle management kind of knows that but hates admitting it. All in all this makes decision making tough. Especially the bigger ones that need, and should, be made. In addition there this this weird thing we do with decisions called past sight. Because almost all decisions take on more importance than their actual value we seek things to create some comfort.

They were decisions. In past sight we have sifted thru the chaff and uncovered the wheat. Metaphors aside I would suggest that time is better spent sifting thru the chaff today than using past sight. But this is about where business people typically suck. There are 5 aspects to how we make decisions harder than they have to be:. In times of significance, that space in time may decide if you follow your instincts or let another factor prevent you from making the right choice.

Peer pressure, overwhelming doubt, fear, and all those demons that like to whisper in our ears.

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You might make the wrong choice. Or the right one. But those little devils return to doubt even your hesitation and contradict themselves by pointing wildly at the other option. Kids need to learn that sometimes making a decision or doing nothing has an effect on the freedom of choice they would have otherwise. It should be one of the deadly sins. Maybe more dangerous than lust, pride, sloth, greed, envy, gluttony, and wrath put all together.

Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit there.

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Because in that moment, before making a decision or taking an action, the consequences of what follows may lead to the remaining sins. Nothing so drastic as that.

Asking yourself if you could have done something differently. On the next decision. Learning that although you might not get what you expect, you learn and find something new. Truth is too many mistakes only encourages less risk taking. Sure, sure, sure. Let me just say learning the dynamic that exists between individuals, the group, the relationships and repercussions of decisions not just on self but in totality is a constant work-in-progress if you accept that responsibility.

I tend to believe most people are actually fairly good at making a decision, but I also believe most people actually suck at how they view the decision itself. I said the exact same thing upfront. I just wanted to emphasize. And i also wanted to point out while easy to type, its incredibly difficult to do. This is about rich people and their perceptions with regard to themselves as well as the rest of the non-wealthy world. Beyond research, having earned my share of wealth at one point in my Life, I have glanced off of the uberish-richy Hamptons, Palm Springs, Monte Carlo and south Florida world a couple of times in my life.

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I would suggest they live in a fantasy land, an alternative universe, from the rest of us. In this land of theirs they have a view of the world, and the people who do not live in their world, which is, frankly, kind of warped. I do feel semi-qualified to share my view on this because while I have certainly had enough wealth to own a nice house, go on nice vacations and not worry about paying bills, I have also sat up at night worrying about how the rent would be paid the following month and using credit cards to get through stretches of time.

From there another multi-millionaire wealthy person slid down into the wretched hole of douchebaggery:. Did you think this was a personal trip?!

Have you given more to the economy than me and my husband? Either as an individual earner in taxes OR in self sacrifice to your country? Your kids look very cute. Your life looks cute. I will not because we should be clear. The only differnece is this wealthy person got busted. We live in our own worlds and, in general, have little clue what the lives of people are like in income levels we do not share. This privileged wealthy class looks at accountability in a warped way.

Accountability always seems to be measured by accumulation of wealth and the trappings of wealth. That is their measuring stick.

And in their petty little gilded world it is the only measuring stick. And, in fact, rich people are also inflexible. They are more focused on their own goals and desires. What they discovered was a startling demonstration of ignorance. When asked to relate themselves to the rest of the population, these high-earners completely misjudged the magnitude of their privilege. But that sum was just under median earnings, which meant they regarded ordinary wages as poverty pay. The arrogance of the entitled rich is usually contained within their snake pit cocoon. Simplistically, most of the hard work rich people do is to work hard at looking rich.

Because the rich measure everything by money they measure sacrifice in the same terms.