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The Center for Henry James Studies is based at Creighton University, and its website offers scholars a wealth of primary materials relating to James.

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Center for Henry James Studies. Fogel, Daniel Mark, ed. A Companion to Henry James Studies.

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Westport, CT: Greenwood, This book offers an extensive range of essays on the fiction, nonfiction, and life, as well as theoretical approaches to James. The appendices give a chronology of the published work in book form and include a helpful guide to critical work on James. Freedman, Jonathan, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Henry James.

While this book contains useful essays drawing on a range of theoretical approaches, there are, however, some omissions for example, little attention is paid to the short stories. Gale, Robert L.

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A Henry James Encyclopedia. New York: Greenwood, Haralson, Eric, and Kendall Johnson, eds. New York: Clearmark, Henry James E-Journal. Henry James Review. Established in in conjunction with the Henry James Society, the journal presents important new work on James.

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It is often the first port of call for James scholars. Rawlings, Peter, ed.

Palgrave Advances in Henry James Studies. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave, Zacharias, Greg W. A Companion to Henry James. Malden, MA: Blackwell, This is an up-to-date and accessible companion covering many of the new theoretical approaches to Henry James.

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Not a member? Sign up for My OBO. Already a member? Publications Pages Publications Pages. There is dullness and dullness, James said. But James was careful and balanced in his judgments, and he had no doubt that Zola was an important artist--"but never was an artist so dirty.

Zola represent nature to us as a combination of the cesspool and the house of prostitution? James was not much happier with Balzac, although he admitted that Balzac, despite what James could only regard as a dismal if consistent vulgarity, did create a succession of memorable characters.

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If he wrote his novels as a social critic with ear and eye attuned to the subtlest nuances of character, behavior and relationships, James wrote literary criticism as a novelist who had thought deeply about the art. Try to be one of those people on whom nothing is lost. The cultivation of this success, the study of this exquisite process, form, to my taste, the beginning and the end of the art of the novelist.

They are his inspiration, his despair, his reward, his torment, his delight. The Jamesian criticism is not always easy going. In his essays as in his fictions, the prose gains sonority, complexity and density with each passing year. He is ever more ponderously precise and the reader grows restless for what seems by comparison the headlong passion of his essay on the novel. Fenimore Cooper, he could deal out the asperities, as on Zola.

We may wince retrospectively for one Nassau W. James is persuasive; he leaves no doubt, in a long review, that Mr. Senior had foolishly strayed off the turf he presumably knew best.

The Reader in It: Henry James’s “Desperate Plagiarism”

For James is the model of a critic: devoted, patient, learned, exhaustive, sensitive, stern, demanding and, above and beyond all else, judicious to the last qualifying phrase. Like Shaw on music long silent, James is rewarding to browse through not only on the still-read giants, Hawthorne, Flaubert, Stevenson, but on the forgotten figures like the unlucky Senior or Alvan Southworth on African travel.

As the films made from his novels also suggest, James transcends his time, which is the reason for being of the Library of America. Re-reading him re-evokes a spacious, gracious, optimistic time.