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Sage 50c is the first by Sage to be integrated with Office The company plans to develop additional cloud and mobile services for Office Ron Markezich, corporate vice president, of Office at Microsoft Corp. The new Sage 50c offering, which is integrated with Microsoft Office , enables customers to manage their businesses across multiple devices and from multiple locations—with confidence that their information is live and up to date.

Ratio of reviewers by sector. Formerly Great Plains. A full ERP system designed by Microsoft. Formerly Navision. The reporting is one of the best features, as well as ease of use. Submitted on June 9th, by an anonymous Sage Intacct user. The Good… Better software for a bigger company, can look at data in various ways. The Bad… The report function. Submitted on June 7th, by an anonymous Sage Intacct user.

The Bad… For the cash transfer module, it will be nice if we could edit the entries after they are posted. Submitted on June 7th, by Sadia.

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The Good… Through revenue recognition the complicated and time consuming calculations and entries can be accounted for in no time. The Bad… This software is not helpful for manufacturing business. Submitted on March 21st, by jinny from Batterycorp. Intacct is an user friendly software. The Good… Like any system, this one has flaws as well, but Intacct is working closely with each customer to improve it.

The Bad… I would like to be able to customize it to fit our needs as a company; imputing invoices without zeroing out lines that are not to be converted, should all be defaulted to zero not ones. Submitted on March 20th, by Carlos. The Good… User-friendly, cloud-based, ability to use dimensions for cost accounting, reporting customization and transaction importing tool.

The Bad… Intacct does not provide a presentable format when exporting a financial report into MS Excel. Submitted on March 20th, by Cecillia. The Good… I like that I can set up my chart of accounts and reports to be exactly what I need.

The Bad… Sometimes the online user help information is hard to follow. Submitted on March 20th, by an anonymous Sage Intacct user. It has a very user-friendly interface, and can meet the needs of small business. The Good… It is easy to use and to understand. The Bad… As our company has grown, Intacct has not been able to accommodate all the requests we have made of it.

Submitted on March 20th, by Kati from Medix. We use Intacct for our sales invoices and accounting. It is user friendly and easy to navigate. The Good… Each category of accounting is under a separate tab Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Journal so it makes it easy to get to what you are trying to do. The Bad… The only negative I have is with the reports. Submitted on March 19th, by Jennifer from Medix.

About Sage Intacct

The Good… It is very easy to use! The Bad… The collection notes have a little more options.

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Submitted on March 19th, by Erika from IslandWood. Wonderful accounting program for a small to mid-sized business, especially non-profits.

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The Good… The customization of order entry and integration was critical for our billing department. The Bad… The Cash Management module is not robust enough to be able to get detailed GL reports out and can be a little cumbersome to learn. The Good… They bring value with each new update.

The Bad… Downside: Intacct has not yet figured out a way to allow users to customize their standard reports by adding fields. Submitted on March 19th, by Erin. The Bad… Sometimes the terminology can be confusing, which makes customization a little difficult.

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The Good… The ease of moving between applications and allowing of uploads with multiple batches. The Bad… I love being able to hit my tab button and for information to be auto popluated, sometimes this feature does not work. The Good… Going paperless has been really nice and the approval process has saved a lot of time in initialing invoices, credit card receipts and signing checks.

The Bad… The reporting has proven to be a little challenging, and I still find myself using Excel to manipulate a few reports. The Good… Reporting is easy once the templates are set-up. The Bad… Software updates may cause some delays but usually worked out before any issues are noticed.

Submitted on March 17th, by an anonymous Sage Intacct user. User friendly tool for time and expense reporting. The Good… Like that I can save the submissions as drafts, attach documents, have detailed description of entries within the time sheet. The Bad… Too many options, makes navigation a little bit difficult. Works very smooth, easy to travel. The Good… Time clock-ins. Submitted on March 16th, by Lauren. Great financial software capable of managing and easily reviewing information.

The Good… Very user friendly and easy to navigate. Submitted on March 14th, by Joel from ScrollMotion. Our company uses intacct for all accounting and timekeeping purposes. The Good… Very straightforward and easy to use. Submitted on March 13th, by an anonymous Sage Intacct user. The Good… Clean presentation. The Bad… None. Submitted on March 13th, by Kenny from Plexxi. The Good… We are an early- stage Company. The Bad… The user- base at Intacct appears to be… in large part… built with a lot of focus to non- manufacturing customers.

Submitted on March 11th, by Matt from Accruent. The Good… Plain and simple, the Intacct solution just works. The Bad… Customized reporting lacks intuitiveness and user-friendliness. Submitted on March 11th, by an anonymous Sage Intacct user. Web based accounting system. The Good… I like that you can scan and attach documents for backup on expense reports. The Bad… I would like there to be a better way to view if a PO has been paid, not just converted from a request. The Good… The implementation team was fantastic! The Bad… My least favorite thing about Intacct is their advanced inventory module.

Submitted on March 10th, by Michelle. Easy to use - great step up from QuickBooks.