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Nothing is held back from the reader in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

Superstition and slaves are intermixed with poverty, hunger and adventure. Book reviews from critics. Recommended by The Atlantic. Synopsis On the banks of the Mississippi, Tom Sawyer and his friends seek out adventure at every turn. His two most famous works, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , are considered two of the greatest American novels of all time.

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Twain was born in Florida, Missouri on 30th November He grew up in the town of Hannibal on the Mississippi River, which would eventually serve as the basis for the place where Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn would live. Twain grew up in Missouri at a time when it was a slave state. After the American Civil War broke out, he became a strong supporter of emancipation, and staunchly believed that the slave trade should be abolished. Though he began as a comic writer, the tribulations he faced in his personal life perhaps served to turn him into a serious, even pessimistic, writer in his later years.

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See the world in the nineteenth century. Tom is like a young colt, full of uninhibited emotion.

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He is not mischievous nor does he have a bone of evil in him, yet he is involved in all kinds of adventures, including saving an innocent man, falling in love, and discovering treasure. His lack of interest in school is contradicted by his sharp intelligence, ability to memorize entire plays, and love of reading. Poor Aunt Polly, who fusses over him in an effort to make Tom conform, is frustrated by his wildness.

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The original publication of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was in It's something every child should experience and every child will love. From Tom's sly trickery with the whitewashed fence--when he cleverly manipulates everyone so they happily do his work for him--to his and Becky Thatcher's calamities in Bat Cave, the enjoyment just never ends. Their projects often involve research into the visual aspects of historical settings and characters.

Christina is a theater set and costume designer and contributed advice on the period clothing for the illustrations. Scott created these drawings in scratchboard an engraving medium which evokes the look of popular art from the period of these stories.

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Scratchboard is an illustration board with a specifically prepared surface of hard white chalk. A thin layer of black ink is rolled over the surface, and lines are drawn by hand with a sharp knife by scraping through the ink layer to expose the white surface underneath.

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  • The finished drawings are then scanned and the color is added digitally. Chapter Chapter 9.

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