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Dobb's Journal, and The Register. EXE stopped publishing. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Let's Parler Y2K! Too Obscure or Rude show more. About Verity Stob Verity Stob has been a programmer since and a columnist since Her column appeared in the "cult" i. EXE Magazine until , and has since adorned the granddaddy of programmers' rags, Dr. Dobb's Journal. Freeze sunshine Score: 1. The pair of you are safe this time, but I'd watch your step in future. Any mention of that hack Pratchett and I'll nick the pair of you OK?

Score: 1. I hate to see Dilbert in a "funny" list with Futurama, Slashdot I can understand. Score: 2. Ditto for userfriendly! The strips seem to be a regular formula: 1: Hi 2: Some guy gets hurt 3: Haha the guy got hurt. Typo Score: 5 , Informative. That should be By things had already gone to hell, tech-support-wise. Share twitter facebook linkedin. I'll contribute to the cause Score: 1. I'll give her the best head she's ever had. Anytime, anywhere. Re:I'll contribute to the cause Score: 1 , Funny.

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Never before have I so agreed [bookpool. Gotta admit, the dotdotdot [ddj. Re:dotdotdot Score: 1. Gotta admit, the dotdotdot article does seem to ring a few bells. It is currently Slashdotted. Ha, that'll teach 'em! Dotdot that. Speaking of User Friendly Score: 3 , Funny. The crew is down in Australia User Friendly [userfriendly.

Canada, I believe Re:Canada, I believe Yes, you are soundink wery much the same It's almost funny if you followed the GP link.

You say array access, I say function invocation Score: 2 , Interesting. Disclaimer: I've been up to my nose in language design lately, as a hobby to distract me from OLTP work. The reviewer quotes a passage where the author complains about array accesses and function invocations in VB. From a certain point of view, having array accesses and function invocations be indistinguishable is a good thing.

I mean, what is an array, if not a function over a. Re:You say array access, I say function invocation Score: 4 , Informative. The author is showing either bias real or feigned for humor value or ignorance. Given the context computer humor and the medium-old-hand status of someone who has been writing it for only 17 years.

The original language Fortran used parens for both subscription and function arguments, as did most of the languages of the time. If I recall correctly, there were no square brackets on the keypunch keyboard though there might have been an overstrike code assigned for them. But terminals and keypunches using them weren't widely deployed until the late '60s or early '70s. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:You say array access, I say function invocation Score: 2. Oops, left off the end of the sentence. I'm voting for it being feigned bias for humor value. Re:You say array access, I say function invocation Score: 2 , Insightful.

Verity Stob Score: 2 , Informative. Re:Hi Verity! Funny funny I'm a french canadian living in Nova Scotia, never spent more than three days in the UK :o. Re:Verity Stob Score: 2. Devil's Advocate Score: 2. Now there's writing. Always amusing. Sometimes thought-provoking.

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Stan Kelly-Bootle is the man. I don't personally care to Verity Stob. Score: 2 , Funny. Slsahdot a source o geek humor? Well I guess not haha funny, but funny as in kicked in the balls funny. ObSimpsons Score: 1. And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to Score: 1 , Funny. A female Never thought I'd ever hear of one of those in my lifetime. Not likely Uhm, my girlfriend is a programmer. Re:You don't have a girlfriend.

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Score: 3 , Insightful. A chick can code? Yes, of course, and HAND has a special meaning and relationship in your case. Score: 4 , Insightful. You are an obvious troll but hey i will take the bait. Before they invented High Level Languages , the testosterone filled chest thumpers designed just the algorithms.

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Most of the programming was done by, you know , girls. Because the men couldnt fathom Machine instructions. Um, I'm a female Nobody got it, but that's ok. Protocol writes:. We were known to slap a joke or a jibe into the occasional article. Brown, former editor,. Dear Mr. Protocol; It is unfortunate that most slashdotters don't remember SUNExpert Magazine, and those that do, probably never read it.

However, those articles were pretty funny, although sometimes it took forever to get to the punchline. Keep on Truckin' Dude! Verity Stob is really The Dave Green [davegreen. The youth of today Score: 1 , Insightful. If you don't understand Ms Stob's jokes, laugh anway and pretend that you do.

Failure to do so will show your PFY status. That VB dissection So much so that Doctor Dobbs continues to get complaints about it from VB lovers who find it online.