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I think the synchonised dancing between the seven sisters and the seven brothers is what makes it so special. Gordon Macrae and Gloria Grahame star in this absolute knockout of a classic. A favourite for everybody. Lots of big numbers in this one! All about putting on a big show, so has lots of well-choreographed, big dance numbers.

Mild stuff that the whole family can enjoy.

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More dancing. This is the film that made them famous and has the most incredible flight scene with dancers all tied to the wings. Funny too. How could you not love a film starring Howard Keel? Ava Gardener too, for the boys. What a treat?

Why do people keep saying the genre is coming back?

She plays the daughter of a riverboat captain who falls for the dashing Keel, a gambler whose luck is just about to turn very sour. There are few characters in the movies like tom-boy, Calamity Jane and can you imagine anyone pulling it off better than Doris Day. Here is a clip from the film, when she tells the boys in the bar about her trip to Chicago. Or should I say Chicagi — the windy city. Yet all the tunes are great in this one.

Also, it stars Marlon Brando when he was fit and gorgeous, not to mention Frank Sinatra. Another one where two men battle over a woman in turn of the century America. Only this one is with the dashing Clark Gable and the wonderful Spencer Tracy. Talk about recycling. Set in high society New York, this musical stars one of the most beautiful woman of her time Grace Kelly along with Bing Crosby, Frank Sinantra and has the wonderful Louis Armstrong too. This film is the musical version of The Philadelphia Story and is full of colourful characters and jazzy tunes. Not to mention Gene Kelly is he the handsomest man in the movies, or is it just me tap, tap dancing away.

Another Gene Kelly classic in which he plays an artist in Paris who falls deeply for Leslie Caron who would later star as Gigi. It revolves about three guys who are friends and live in Paris.

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Everything is going well until two of them fall in love with the same woman. Another Bing Crosby hit with the charming Danny Kaye as a thriving song-and-dance team that fall in love with a sister act and join up to save the failing Vermont inn of their former commanding general. This is another one that no one can forget. Hiding in a musical research institute staffed entirely by lonely single men, she gets more than she bargained for when the head of the institute played by Danny Kaye falls in love with her.

LOUIS How are you coping with all these classics?

This one stars Judy Garland and John Truett. No one will duplicate them.

21 Unmissable Classic Musicals from the Golden Age.

Sponsored by the hour cable network, American Movie Classics, which is devoted to the Golden Age of Hollywood, the event began the network's fourth annual fund-raising preservation drive among viewers to salvage films that are in disrepair. Until the video market exploded and the advent of cable television, many studios allowed even classic films, musicals and dramas to fall apart. So many films languished, deteriorated or were discarded after their initial release. It's estimated that 50 percent of American films have been lost, and only 15 percent of all silent films survived.

The loss has been enormous. Some companies, especially MGM, Turner Entertainment, which owns most of the classic MGM library, and Walt Disney have committed substantial funds to their classic films, say preservationists.

The Golden-Age of Egyptian Musical films

But other studios have been laggard. These films are art.

Look at a Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers movie. See how beautifully it's done. It's the equivalent of listening to Haifetz. You can listen again and again. In coming together, the musical stars were feisty and candid about an era that for some of them spanned the 's to the 's. Seated at a table in the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel on Tuesday for what Gloria DeHaven called a reunion, some observed that the downfall of the musical was signaled by such box-office disappointments as "Hello, Dolly!

They're not translatable to foreign audiences. By the late 's, she said, her career was over: "I couldn't get a job. They stopped making musicals. Virtually all the women spoke joyously -- and a bit sardonically -- about the studio system and even about one another. They'll never see the likes of us again. The studios changed. They wanted to make cheap movies and grab the money and run.

When I was growing up, they were making films for the year-old mind. Now they're making films for the 9-year-old mind.

21 Unmissable Classic Musicals from the Golden Age. | Marley Durban

They were always watching out for me. If I ordered a big lunch, I'd get back chicken soup and a salad. In contrast with today's stars, who make one film every year or two, the musical stars under studio contract appeared nonstop before the cameras. They just changed the clothes and the leading men.