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For many people, fall is their favorite time of year.

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The cooler temperatures, the crisp fall air, not to mention delicious fall comfo We are approaching a thrilling time of year - the fall saffron harvest! Similar to the annual fall harvest here in the U. We were honored to be interviewed by Renee Montagne. Hey Rumi fans! Our saffron will be av This July 4th we like to reflect on what makes this country amazing.

This country started with an audacious idea: that humans are endowed Our team here are Rumi Spice has been hard at work collaborating with other brilliant, like-minded companies to bring you some epic compa This ma From our farmers an The spring season is here and besides the warmer weather and budding blooms, we love making new delectable dishes in the kitchen. One of Unless you have alrea The holidays have come and gone and chances are your body may be feeling less than stellar.

Kabul, Afghanistan We arrived at daybreak, the plane breaking the clouds just as the sun was rising over the Hindu Kush mountains. Seven of the most innovative, disruptive, and purpose-d This video will show you With all the health benefits of saffron, why is it st Today we somberly remember We had the honor of attending an amazing celebration of saffron last week hosted by our great friend and fellow veteran Caroline Taft, Listen to hear about our story, all things saf We at Rumi would like to congratulate Afghanistan on the 98th anniversary of their Independence today on August 19th.

Today commemorates Before I met the team at Rumi Spice, about the only thing I knew about saffron was that it was a very expensive spice used predominately Rumi proudly and gratefully welcomes The French Laundry onto the Rumi team. Saffron from farmers in Afghanistan graces the tables of th Aurora forgot to ask youth for her lover, and though Tithonus is immortal, he is old.

Achilles is not quite invulnerable; the sacred waters did not wash the heel by which Thetis held him. And so it must be. There is a crack in every thing God has made.

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It would seem, there is always this vindictive circumstance stealing in at unawares, even into the wild poesy in which the human fancy attempted to make bold holiday, and to shake itself free of the old laws, — this back-stroke, this kick of the gun, certifying that the law is fatal; that in nature nothing can be given, all things are sold. Your email address will not be published. Isa and Jesse and Alex. That pretty much sums up my turmoil throughout reading. And since I went in with no expectations of what was going to happen, I was biting my nails until the last chapter.

And that potential scared the crap out of me. The book is an in-depth, personal look into the life of a young woman named Isabel. It showcases her entire life from childhood up until early adulthood. Her fears, her heartaches, her family problems, her relationship problems, her friendships, her loses and her successes. I read it in two sittings and that speaks volumes about the flow and drive of the story.

She kept me wanting more. There were portions of the story here and there that felt weighted and unnecessary. Moments where she fell into telling me instead of showing me, but these are aspects of writing that become cleaner and cleaner as the author becomes more seasoned. I have high hopes for her and her future works. The title, while ambiguous before reading it, made so much sense after and I think was the perfect choice.

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I believe many women will read this and relate to Isa on some level. Whether it be her sordid family past, the unfortunate feeling of not knowing your own worth, her tumultuous and often gut-wrenching relationship with her mother or the simple fact of not knowing what to do when your heart loves two people. Truly loves two people. It simply held me. Not just pieces. Job well done. Fantastic debut novel.

The Light in the Wound by Christine Brae

Jun 18, Tee loves Kyle Jacobson rated it it was amazing Shelves: new-book-release , must-read , blog-tour-review , july The Light in the Wound is an amazing read! Lord I have read a ton of books in my lifetime but never ever have I ever been so slammed in the heart by a book. This book I could relate to it is my life and as I was reading it I was totally there reliving things I have done and said and been through for the past twenty years. I laughed and I cried and I screamed at my kindle and at one point I just thought I was not going to be able to finish it because it struck a nerve but I read on and believe me The Light in the Wound is an amazing read!

I laughed and I cried and I screamed at my kindle and at one point I just thought I was not going to be able to finish it because it struck a nerve but I read on and believe me Issy has a better ending than I do so I was so happy about that. We meet Isabel whose parents are going through a very nasty publicized divorce. As a result of this pending divorce Issy is sent away to boarding schools and her grandparents home and back. It is when she is finally back home that she enrolls in school and meets Jesse. She has sworn off any kind of love because she does not want to end up like her parents and she does not want to suffer any more loss.

So when she and Jesse get close and she falls for him she is surprised because she sworn off love. But Jesse is different and he loves Issy and Issy is head over heels in love with him. But then things change and Jesse becomes controlling and starts to take things from her like her new friends and her ability to make decisions. Jesse even goes so far as to take the one love and passion she has and that is horse back riding. Jesse turns out to be a selfish controlling bastard and he takes over Issy's life. Jesse pays attention to her when he sees fit and gives her whatever he wants to and when he feels like being rude he is to Issy.

The only person he has not run off is Issy's friend Alex. Alex loves Issy and he is willing to wait for her to open up her eyes and see what she has right in front of her. So when Issy has had enough and Jesse has pushed her to the point she breaks it off with him.

She and Alex then start to build a stronger friendship that turns to love but Issy is closed off and only going through the motions to get over Jesse. She still loves Jesse and if he would take her back she would go to him. Issy and Alex have a long battle ahead of them because Jesse has had an epiphany and wants Issy back and ALex is about to fight to the death for the girl he loves.

Will Issy turn her back on ALex and go back to Jesse? Will Alex be able to keep Issy and gain her heart? This book is such a roller coaster of emotions that you will need a box of tissues for this one!

Rumi: “The wound is where the light enters.”

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FREE right now! Not only their blood, sweat and tears, but a lot of times they write about something that may have happened in their life. I was excited when Christine told me about her debut novel The Light in the Wound and honored when she asked me to host her blog tour.

When we talked about this book, it was obvious to me how important and clo FREE right now! When we talked about this book, it was obvious to me how important and close to her heart this story and the characters are to her. Christine told me that she had a story to tell and she wanted to share it. Christine has made no secret in recent interviews when asked how she was inspired to write this story…. I was so honored to hold her hand through this tough process of waiting to hear what everyone was going to think and say about her story and the characters so dear to her heart.

I am happy to say that after hearing reactions and seeing the reviews, Christine has definitely delivered with this debut novel! Well, this time that was literally what I was doing and it was handed over to me with permission. As always, I felt I had to tell you this so you could experience the book the same way that I have. Of course, I have the slight advantage of knowing Christine through my blog before reading her book. BUT, I did not know how the book was going to end, who she was going to choose or the journey she took to get there.

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Without giving anything away, when I read the prologue it starts off in the past , I think my jaw hit the floor! What did she just say???? Ok, truth be told, NOW she had me hooked! I had to find out the What? What I thought I would be getting with The Light in the Wound and what I actually read, were two very different things. However, there is a love story that just may break your heart, and you all know I am a sucker for a love story! Hell, I have even experienced it!

We begin the journey with Isa in her childhood years to truly understand Isa and the choices she makes throughout the book, you need to see where she is coming from by hearing about her background, her upbringing, her family. I am not going to lie, but more prepare you, I know a lot of you will be frustrated with Isa and the choices she makes. I am hoping there are no spoilers that you have read anywhere….

My advice to you, finish the book before you make your decision if you like it, love it or or even if you think you know what is going to happen. I had no clue what was going to happen in the end I was waiting for the twists when one was not coming and then getting the twists and turns where I did not think there would be one! Although this story was written to be a stand-alone …..